Local Information


Elevation: The Town of Aspen 7,980 ft.
Top of Aspen Mountain 11,212 ft.
Population:5,914 residents - Pillow count in winter can be 14,000 and in summer can be over 20,000.
Climate: Low humidity year-round, 300 inches of snowfall in winter.

Since the first silver prospectors staked their claims in the fortunes of Aspen more than a century ago, this old mining town turned world class resort has remained, at its heart, one of the country's most unique small towns.

Aspen Mountain rises in all its glory from the center of downtown. Cozy neighborhoods exist just a few blocks from town center - The East End, Red Mountain, Smuggler/Hunter Creek and not to miss, the historic West End. On Aspen's outskirts are private, sort of gated communities like The Preserve, Starwood, Aspen Highlands and the golf course development Maroon Creek Club.

Snowmass Village

Elevation: Snowmass Village Mall 8,200
11,835 at the top of The Burn
Population: 1,822 residents - Pillow count in winter can be 10,000
Climate: Low humidity year round, 300 inches average snowfall, cool summer nights.

Quiet, convenience and stunning views remain the calling card for Snowmass Village, a former ranching community turned internationally-known resort. As the Ski Area has gained fame for its wide variety of slopes and deep powder, home buyers have found an alluring selection of family-oriented condominiums and homes that offer ski-in, ski-out convenience.

Basalt and Surroundings

Elevation: Midland Avenue 6,624 ft
Population: 2,681
Climate: Moderate winters, pleasant springtimes and longer autumns than their upvalley brethren. Low humidity year-round, 65 inches average snowfall, 300 days a year of full sunshine.

Located about 20 miles from Aspen, this little town sits at the confluence of the Fryingpan and Roaring Fork rivers - boasting some of the finest gold-medal fly fishing in Colorado. In the heart of this quaint downtown, Basalt's historic old-town ambience and colorful storefronts are charming and very inviting.

Carbondale and Surroundings

Elevation: Downtown Carbondale 6,181 ft
Population: 5,196
Climate: Moderate winters, pleasant springtimes and longer autumns than their upvalley brethren. Low humidity year-round with 300 days of full sunshine.

With its wide open spaces and grand vistas, the Carbondale area offers many equestrian, golf and ranching opportunities. Missouri Heights is a flat open mesa stretching from above El Jebel past Carbondale to Glenwood. Single family home communities co-mingle in the sage and pinon-filled landscape creating a sense of seclusion even though Carbondale is only minutes away. Old-town Carbondale with its myriad of neighborhoods offering walking distance to downtown and schools has retained a friendly, small town character welcoming newcomers and newly retired. Many working ranchettes in the area remain true to the community's rural roots. Nearby are the golf neighborhoods of Aspen Glen, River Valley Ranch and Ironbridge.